So recently I’ve been trying to ramp up my personal brand. It’s an often neglected part of my career as a designer (hell just look at my website), but a completely necessary one. Everyone has a personal brand. I don’t care if you work nights at the local landfill. How you walk, talk and present yourself. The cloths you choose to wear, your demeanor, how much you care about something or not at all.

It’s more broader than a stereotype or your personal history. It’s your outlook, your beliefs, your fears. It’s your identity, and obviously it comes without a designated color to match.

However since I’m a designer, and to an extent, a business in my own right; I do have a logo; complete with special colors.

Branding yourself is an insane task. Self analysis is painful, I’m sure it was even for Buddha and Freud.

  • What are my core values?
  • What’s the message I’m trying to get across, and is it easy to perceive?
  • What color choices best suit me, and do I like the result?
  • What imagery best describes my history and goals?

It’s easier to appoint these to others, but you yourself… you change every day. Clearly you have a personality, several things are even consistent, but I myself- I’m always influx. What I like, what I cherish, the hobbies I have, the goals I pursue. Who I want to be changes as I mature, and move through life. So what are they now, and what’s the consistency?

I think for me personally, its something like this: I’m a man, an American, a Midwesterner, I’m white, a twenty something, a graphic designer/artistic type, and one that has strong ambitions. I value harmony, calmness, a deep sense of pride about myself and my work, technology, progressivism, newness, the unfamiliar, and excitement. I like systems, efficiency, and I like problem solving. I like over all making things.

So what conclusions can I draw from this?

  • Typography should be a sans serif with strong angles. The cleanness and straight lines appeal to my desire for harmony and systematic approach to life. My desire for order. The strong angles appeals to my desire for futurism, change and linear mentality.

  • One of the primary colors should be blue. I will admit, hey it’s one of my favorite colors but more than that, it’s a calming color. Serenity gives you hope, and your path seems clear. I have goals, and I know them well. I know what I need to accomplish them. I also want to transmit that to the people around me. Have hope, know what you want, and then pursue that as far as you can. In contrast… I like contrast. I like a lot of it. Starkness speeds up communication and conveys information quickly.

Here’s what we got:

Lets take note of a few things. It’s made up of one shape repeated four times. I’m insane so I made sure the alignment is perfect to the 100th of a pixel. The line separating the B from the S jets out at an angle through the second half of the S. The 30º angle does two thing- It breaks up the repetition in the logo. Without it it’s quite static believe me. The angle also makes an arrow- jetting forward, pressing on. The logo does convey a sense of the futurism I crave. It is sleek, and orderly with one small hiccup. It’s asymmetrical. Because of this it never feels squared off or centered to me. It’s a little bit of irony really. The guy who craves order and harmony has a logo that seemly defies this. It makes me like it more, and yet it drives me nuts.

Here’s where I knew to stop, and where you should stop when making anything: Get it to the point where you couldn’t imagine it any better, and then let it be. Although I am more than open to criticism, and please do email me your thoughts- I’m really attached to it. It’s at my goldie locks level.

I hope you there too.